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About the wildflowers

All the flowers used in our collection are Australian Wildflowers. Between October to December, we travel around the country, hand picking and pressing over 25 different types of flowers. All our flowers are sustainably sourced and ensure that when we collect them in which the environment is not damaged. Only the most vibrant and finest flowers are pressed and used for our collection. Each piece is an original unique creation with ensuring all our flower have a different size, beauty and colour. Enjoy! 


Australian Wildflower Jewellery is a family business that has been developed by a gifted craftsman named Enrico.


Enrico has mastered the art of preserving flowers in works of art. Learning this specialized craft in France, he then proceeded to perfect and create the jewellery in Sweden, USA and NZ. Australian Wildflower Jewellery has been produced and sold in Australia for over 30 years.


Enrico has designed and developed his own exclusive and original range. The actual wildflowers, leaves, bark, twigs, and sand used are collected from locations all over the country and have been uniquely and delicately arranged then preserved in a high quality resin in order to keep their natural beauty, size and colour. Strict quality control is placed over the whole manufacturing process, the final product quality is unsurpassed. The embedded wildflowers represent a piece of living Australian Flora.


There are over 30 types of wildflowers that are used within our collection. Popular flowers include:

Golden Wattle, Forget Me Not, Pink Flowering Gum, Geraldton Wax, Tea Tree Flower and many other Australian Native Wildflowers. 


Address: Mindil Beach

The Gardens  NT  Australia



Please come and see our wonderful shop at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Darwin

(Sundays from May Till October)

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